Field Day 2013 - Statesboro, Georgia - STARS Club KF4DG - ARES Tests at EOC

We only had a few hours and the focus was on testing for preparedness vs the paper-chase.

Yes, a Prius can tow a trailer, and yes that is a car-topper mounted on the re-purposed aluminum boat trailer


Our 17yr old son, Ben, KI4RGB helping with set-up.


Almost ready ...


Setup looked good but clouds looked menacing ...


Planned tests were of 2 & 440 from the shared corner office in the EOC building and from the EOC Operations Center to the

outside parking area, portable HF ops, HSMM-Mesh from inside to out, and crossband repeat 2/440.  All tests were successful.

The idea was to be certain that were the EOC to loose comms we could roll-in and substantially replace them via Ham radio.

ARRL-ARES EC Casey Brown, KF4BSC and Ben Colburn, KI4RGB at the op table.

ARRL-ARES AEC David Colburn, KD4E, and Ben Colburn, KI4RGB at the op table.


The HF antenna was a Zero-Five 29' Stealth model for 6 - 40M.



A base from a push-up pole system was fastened to the tongue of a re-purposed 

heavy-duty 21' aluminum boat trailer to secure the HF vertical.


The outside 2/440 antenna was a Diamond NR-22L mounted on a 2006 Prius.


Notes: Pre-Field Day week included electrical and plumbing troubles at our home which

precluded setting up to draw 12vdc power from the Prius. We ran AC to an IOTA 45/IQ4

DC power supply into a 12v power strip. The Prius 12v system, via an external

12v deep-cycle battery could easily have powered everything ... next year.

 73, David KD4E